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Client360 Cloud based ERP Plans are tailormade to suit manufacturing, retail and service industry. Currently we offer the SME package for SME & MSME segment, the Enterprise Package for dedicated large institution requirements and Custom Package for tailormade developments.  

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starter plans

Starts @ Rs: 1,999/-* per month per user

(* Terms Apply)

WebSITE plan

Website, Analytics & CMS

  • Entry Level Plan with only frontend Website
  • Plan for those who want a state-of-the-art WEB 2.0 compatible web front with minimal backend lead generation mechanism to create their sales tunnel and customer enquiries. 

WebCRM plan

CRM, Invoicing & Leads

  • Plan for Sales & Marketting Oriented Firms
  • Plan tailor-made for Marketing Agencies / Small Business Owners / Sales Promoters to manage their Prospects, Leads and Customer Relationship Functions and Helpdesk resources.                   

WEBbasic plan

Invoicing, Accounts & HR

  • Plan for Basic Sales & Accounting Functions.
  • A basic plan with Sales and Accounting module all integrated and functioning to provide you the basic business data with respect to leads, opportunities, sales funnel, receivable and payables. 

SME segment plans

Starts @ Rs: 2,999/-* per month per user

(* Terms Apply)

WEBretail plan

CRM, Accounts, Inventory & HR

  • Plan for Retail Stores & Ecommerce Sales
  • Plan designed for Small & Medium Retailers / Product Distributors / Stockist & Agents / Warehousing Agents consisting of Accounts, Inventory, Warehousing and Financial Modules.

WebService Plan

CRM, Maintenance, Helpdesk & Claims

  • Plan for Service & Repair Oriented Firms
  • Plan catering to the Consultancy Service Providers / Other Service Providers / Technical Advisors / Helpdesk Providers / Maintenance Companies / Third Party Repair Units / Marketing Agencies   


Payroll, HR & RecruitmentsP

  • Plan for managing HRMS Functions
  • This is a HRMS Plan incorporating all available HR modules giving a 360 degree view of the entire HR operation and includes Patroll, Recruitment, Leave Management, Appraisal and Skill Management.   

vertical segment Plans

Starts @ Rs: 3,999/-* per month per user

(* Terms Apply)

Webproject plan

Projects Accounts & HR

  • Plan for Project Oriented Firms
  • This plan is meant for companies and firms who handle complex projects for erections, installations, maintenance and turnkey ventures. Suitable for Solar Companies, Contruction Firms and Project Promoters.


CRM, Accounts, Inventory & Production

  • Plan for SME & MSME Establishment
  • Plan tailor-made for Manufacturers / Factory Owners / Assemblers / Value Added Resellers / Maintenance Companies / Third Party Repair Units / Accessory Manufacturers / Ancillary Units.


Procurement,  Inventory & Warehouse

  • Plan for Warehouse and Supply Chain Firms 
  • Plan tailor-made for Supply Chain Management companies who handle multiple warehouses and delivery schedules. Can handle all incoming and outgoing goods traffic including Fleet Management.   

Special plans

Starts @ Rs: 4,999/-* per month per user

(* Terms Apply)

WebEducat plan

Projects Accounts & HR

  • Plan for College & Tutorial Management
  • This plan is exclsuively meant for eductional institutions and tutorials to handle their administration and day to days functions. Suitable for Private Colleges, Teaching Institutions and Tutorials.

WEBems plan

Procurement,  Inventory & Warehouse

  • Plan for All Type of School Management 
  • A Plan tailor-made for all kind of Schools and Primay Teaching institutions to manage their school activities such as admission, class room attendance, exam management, hostel upkeep and transport planning. 

WEBmass plan

Accounts, HR & Recruitments

  • Plan for Church Management
  • A plan exclusively created to manage Churches at its day to day activities including conduction of regular masses. Also has a built in and integrated Donor Management and Monitoring system.   

ADD-On plan

Starts @ Rs: 499/-* per month per add-on

(Select any top-up module from the below Add-on sets and add it to your choosen plan.

web module

Website, Events & Forums

  • An Add-On to extend Frontend Website  feature to the existing plan. Will provide full working website with various pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us  and other informative pages.  

pos Module

Sale Terminal, Billing & Cash Management

  • An Add-On to extend Point Of Sales feature to the existing plan. Will provide Product Display,  Billing, Checkout and Payment acceptance feature with touch screen facility on touch enabled devices.

ecom module

Product Display, Shopping Cart & Checkout

  • An Add-On to extend Ecommerce feature to the existing plan. Will provide Online Product Showcase,  Billing, Checkout and Payment acceptance feature.  Tightly integrated with backend inventory and accounts.

presentation module

Slide and Youtube Presentation

  • An Add-On extend presentation functionality to existing plan. You can showcase your ppt, pdf and other presentation in a organised and efficient manner on the webfront. Provision to include Youtube videos too. 

survey module

Questionaire & Online Surveys

  • An Add-On to extend Survey and Questionaire funtionality to exisiting plan. Includes provition to create custom Surveys and elicit required response and record the same. Provison for point rating system too.

webfront module

Forum, Event & Organiser

  • An Add-On to extend topicwise Forum Manangement , Event Management and Calandering funtionality in webfront to exisiting plan. Provides Karma feature where can be rated accordingly for each post.  

crm Module

Lead, Opportunity and Contact Management

  • An Add-On to extend Customer Relation Management feature to the existing plan. Will provide Lead, Opportunity, Sales Order and Invoicing feature helping you track your sales cycle and sales funnel. 

hr module

Recruitment, Attendance & Payroll

  • An Add-On to extend Human Resource Management feature to the existing plan. Provides HR Management functionality including Recruitment, Retainment, Staffing, Appraisal, Leave management and Payroll

helpdesk module

Claim & Support Ticket

  • An Add-On to extend Customer Support & Trouble Ticket Functionality to exisiting plan.  Includes Claim Settlement, Issue & Bug Trancking and Trouble ticket management functions.  

CMMS module

Machine Maintenance Management

  • An Add-On to extend Computerised Machine Maintenance feature to the existing plan. Will provide Preventive & Curative Maintenance, Spares Part Inventory Management and Schedule Monitoring. 

Fleet module

Vehicle, Driver & Repair Management

  • An Add-On to extend Fleet Managemnt  feature to the existing plan. Will provide Vehicle Management, Fuel and Spares Inventory, Driver Management and Fixed Asset Management of existing fleet.

analytics module

Web Analytics and Visit Details

  • An Add-On to extend Web Analytics Feedback feature to the existing plan. Provides Visitor visit statistics including demographic data, visit metrics and other Analytics related functionality. 

mis module

MIS, KPI & Dashboards

  • An Add-On to extend Advanced Management Information feature to the existing plan. Will provide Management Dashboards, KPI Monitoring and management of Audit Checklist  

messaging module

Chat & Email Messaging

  • An Add-On to provide Live Chat feature and Email Messaging functionality to the existing plan. Will provide messaging and chat functionality between website visitors for incoming and outgoing messaging.

info module

Knowledge & DOC Management

  • An Add-On to extend Knowledge & Document Managemnt feature to the existing plan. Will provide management of Operating Manuals, Company Procedure Guide and other documentations. 

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