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Inventory Module

The Inventory Module tracks your stock on an ongoing basis and reports the status of its realtime movement. You can track all your procurements, deliveries and internal stock movement with ease uisng our Inventory Module. 
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track all your stock movements with ease.

A realtime inventory management system designed to provide you instant info on all your stock movements.

Client360 inventory Module

The Inventory Module provide you all the information required to manage, monitor and track your inventory stocks. Be it raw material for productions, work in progress stocks, intermediate sub assemblies or finished goods. Everything is systematically monitores and tracked ona real time basis providing your instant valuable information. Stocks are the backbone of your bsuiness. And the Inventory Module hods you upright when it comes to stock management. 

all yout stock movement in one glance:

Client360 Cloud ERP Inventory Module dashbaord provide you all the information at a glance in neatly formatted graphic display. It shows your procuremet receipts, internal transfers, all the delivery orders and even the point-of-sale delivery status. This gives you instant MIS on your stock movement letting you take crucial decision on various aspect of your inventory movement. More practcal benefit is the avoidance of wastage and spoilage by implementing just in time procurement and manufacturing. 

transfer details at your fingertips:

Understand your stock movement using our stock tracker where everything is show in an orderly fashion. Each stock transfer is listed with all the crucial information show in a list form including status of each transfer as of now and the source document associated with it. It also details the creation date and the customer or supplier if any to whom the transfer is associated. In case if the transfer is waitig some other events to occur it even displays that info letting you speed up the other movements to effect manufacturing or delivery on time. 

understand your stock valuation:

You can assess your stock value at any time using our Instant Inventory Valuation report. It provied you itemwise stock information including stock on hand and the vakue for the same. This information is crucial for you to avoid excess inventory stocking and assessing your business worth at any given time. It provides you the direction of the stock flow, the date on which it happened and the source document associated with it. 

track your stock moves:

Its important at any given time to know where your stock is lying and what is its status. The stock move routine helps you just do that. It provides you detailed view of all your stock in motion with a lot of assciated details. Now there is no need to ask several people to understand stock status. All the information entered by your team is collated and presented to you in an orderly list format. It gives you the reference document details, product name, product quantity, its unit of measurement and most importanatly its source and final destination. 

manage your procurements:

Procurement is now easy to manage. You can schedule procurement automatically based on the minimum stock levels or do it manually. Each procurement order is tracked individually and the status of the order is listed for you to know its status. Its even tracks part deliveries and create back orders if required. This keeps your purchases in check and saves you a substantial amount of money in the long run. 

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